< Sariah Anne Manning
United States


Sariah Manning grew up in an unstable home. She has been drawn to Art her whole life, she suffered every kind of abuse throughout her life and found peace in her art. A safe place for her to express herself. No one ever cared what she put in her sketchbook so she poured herself into them. She took every class she could and the kindness of her Art teachers got her through life. As an adult Sariah has become more serious about Art and is pursuing it as a career. She wants to inspire and help people the way it continues to help her. She looks up to artists like Van Gogh and Andrea Casteneda because they give her courage and continue to create despite their difficulties.


Feb 24th-March 11th 2016 “I am Me” Exhibition at Ridenbaugh Hall gallery

Sept-December 2021 “Remember 9/11” Exhibition at National Veterans Art Museum

Milan Art Institute Student 2022 Gallery Boom Artist 2022


My mind is chaos but when I create chaos melts into the paint and my mind becomes quiet. Everything I need to express comes easily. The subjects of my paintings are related to the people I love and miss, the pain I feel and the comfort I need in the moment.