< Denkenesh


Self-taught, born in Venice Mestre in 1982, Sara “Denkenesh” suddenly discovered art after studying foreign languages and theology. Trying to paint the soul of the subjects is the current challenge of her painting. Creating, making art has always been part of her life, in different fields, from drawing to woodwork, to oil painting and this is why to her Art means analyzing oneself, getting involved and showing the world who she really is, in order to establish a deep connection with those in front of her, to share emotions, reflections, love.


Education: 2000 High school graduation in Foreing Languages 2008 Bachelor in Theology Exhibitions: June 2022, “Art of Memory” at the Ducal Palace in Genova curated by Arconte – Divulgarti Eventi June 2022, Salon International d’art contemporaine “Art 3F” in Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco curated by Queen Art Studio Gallery July 2022, “Darteweek” in Lecce curated by Darte studio July 2022-August 2022, virtual exhibition “Orizzonti Trasversali” curated by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery August – September 2022, virtual international fine art fair “VIFAF 2022” curated by World of Crete September 2022, participation in “DreamArs III” curated by Artspace in HUB/Art gallery, Milan October 2022, selected artworks for the participation in the “Carrousel du Louvre” art prize, curated by Art Now November 2022, selected artworks for the participation in “I have a dream” curated by Artemida Experience in MA-EC Gallery, Milan December 2022, selected artworks for the participation in “Brain cake” curated by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery at “Casa Milà La Pedrera”, Barcelona


Sara “Denkenesh” loves oil painting because it allows her to play on the various chromatic tones and shades. What she is interested in is the manifestation of the inner world through the representation of the eyes and hands, deputies as key elements for the understanding of her entire artistic poetics. The human figure persists within the artworks, but the real protagonists are the details, the little things that in people, as in life, make the difference. She tries to wrap herself in the silence of the soul, to understand herself in order to be able to get in touch with the outside world.