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“Memories for the future”

Sandra’s passion is painting and she mainly works with acrylic paint on canvas or linen.
Her work is an expression of what she sees around her, translated in her own creative and intuitive way of painting.
She works mostly with palette knife. She makes her paintings, often colorful, into beautiful works of art.

When she unpacks the white canvas and places it on her easel, she doesn’t know exactly what it will become.
Daily life, outings, holidays are the guideline and inspiration for her painting.
Her paintings are stories that can help us deal with the many aspects of life, make decisions and express our feelings. The love for nature, the love for memories, the love for the future connects us, young and old.
Her paintings bring out this love for the world, for nature; visualized memory for the future.


Education: Free Academy of Art Painting (2002-2014)
Exhibitions Netherlands;
Volop Art
ArTheo Gallery Atelier Sculpture Garden,

M.A.D.S art gallery Milan:
Guardias of Dreams,
Brain Cake @lapedrera_Barcelona

Monat Gallery Madrid
ArtFair Brussel
ArtFair Paris France (2023)


“Memories for the future”

Connection in life, in nature.
Sometimes it creates confusion or gives structure.
Earth and sky are connected.
Sun, water and fire complete this.
Surrounding us, visible and invisible elements connect.
Everywhere we find connections of love.
Nature with her flower beauty encircles us in life and allows love to bloom.
Catching these as memories on canvas is my love for painting.