< Sandra Bechtold



Photography and nature are constants in my life: I was born and raised in the German countryside and have always loved being creative. With my photography of flowers, nature and landscapes, I combine my important motivation. Having studied graphic design helps me to see the lines and structures as well as the connecting motifs in my artwork.


Group exhibition, “Enchanted Earth and Other Worlds”, September 2022, Agora Gallery, New York

Honorable Mention for “Lake Iseo” (Category: Travel) and “Details of a dandylion” (Category: Nature) at the Refocus One Shot Photo Contest 2022


Nature is my inspiration. I capture what I see in black and white photographs, as I walk in the woods or in my garden. I am drawn to the small wonders of nature, particularly flowers. Focusing on the details helps me embrace the abundance of the natural world. I take pictures of what I find without changing them, so that I can preserve their true essence. I show everybody that beauty is everywhere and we can find it close to us, if only we open our eyes and our hearts to it.