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Emerging artists Sandra Beange, graduate of Graphic Design, together with her sister Barbara Sorensen, Floral Designer are the talent behind Sanbar Art Studios.

After the passing of their mother and during the pandemic, they found painting as an avenue to escape and express their feelings. Barb encouraged Sandi to pick up the brush again and discover the healing powers of creating these images.

The two quickly opened their studios located within a couple hours of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Their modern art paintings are mainly focused in abstract impressionism landscapes and abstract expressionism styles. They take inspiration from nature and natural elements, utilizing a palette of cool tones in blues, greys, and teal while adding a hint of warmth with brown and beige tones. The use of colours, textures, blending and layering of paint draw the viewer into the subject matter wondering what lies further.

Their artwork evokes a feeling of calmness, peacefulness and a sense of harmony. These emotions are healing for the mind, body and soul for both the viewer and the artist when creating them.



Many of our creations are influenced by the colours and calm atmosphere of our natural surroundings, evoking a feeling of harmony and peacefulness. We are drawn into these images wondering what lies further?