I began learning oil painting under the tutelage of Raquel Doran Klieg, a teacher from Spain, in 1983. This continued until 1990 when Raquel left Bahrain. My early exhibited paintings leaned more toward impressionism in technique and content. They are were rich in warm but striking colors. A few Bahraini abstract artists observing my work at the time noted my idiosyncratic use of light and shadow and my ability to communicate through color. My first real attempts made use of Bahrain’s historical landscape. The Ministry of Information bought an early painting depicting the Khamis Mosque. The painting today hangs in the Bahrain National Museum.
Having had a good grounding in technique and color, I began to gravitate toward Abstract Expressionism to explore and communicate my inner world. In 2010 I started attending the higher institute of applied Arts on the 6th of October City in Egypt as a visiting artist under the patronage of professor and noted artist, Dr. Mustafa Kamal. There I immersed myself in Abstract Expressionism. I found in it a powerful distillation of form and color, an expansive freeing space where I could explore my emotional journey. Along the way, I ventured into acrylic, and collage art and used different mediums and surfaces. This exhibit focuses on this particular 4 years period of artistic production.


Past Exhibitions:
1. Since 1985, I have participated in several annual art exhibitions held by the Ministry of Information.
2. I held a joint exhibition in a private gallery with the Egyptian artist Magdi Alkafrawi in 2003.
3. In 2012, I participated in a pan-Gulf exhibit in Kuwait hosted by the Kuwait Art Society.
4. From 2012 to 2014 I presented my work in the annual Ministry of Culture exhibition presenting the best of Bahraini artists working today.
5. I have participated in the Agora Gallery in New York with 3 Paintings