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Flora Saldivar (b.1984) is a Graphic Designer and Painter, born in Mexico City and currently residing in Northwest Arkansas, USA. Flora has been fascinated by all things visual since a very young age. Graduated from JBU in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design + Marketing. She worked in the advertising industry for many years but it was later in life when she chose to further explore her passion for painting and she has been painting ever since.


Education 2003-2007 BA Graphic Design + Marketing – John Brown University.

Visual Communication Designer- IDEO Chicago 2007.

Designer- Saatchi & Saatchi X Chicago 2007-2012.

Solo Exhibitions

“Enough is Enough” 2022 The Art Collective Gallery.

Private Exhibition- Newell Residence 2022.


With an extensive background in visual design, Flora’s paintings are propelled by the spontaneous movement of paint itself and the way it soaks on raw canvas. Her formalist process thrives on the exploration of color and a plethora of non traditional mediums to achieve captivating compositions. Flora’s paintings feature layered washes of oil paint, organic materials and acrylics on raw canvas, creating a dynamic of color, texture and intrigue. Her peculiar mediums include different organic materials from wild blueberries to coffee, beeswax and sometimes even soil.  All of Flora’s pieces share something in common; they start with a very loose plan then they take a turn into their very own journeys. And there between the hasty brushstrokes full of energy soaking in the canvas the ambiguous abstract emerges in the finished works.