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Sabrina Jeannine is a contemporary abstract artist with a focus on ocean paintings. She has always been very creative since her childhood and it has thankfully stayed with her all the years.
She began painting regularly after a year of living overseas in New Zealand. Her vision was to paint her memories to express herself with colors and movements on the canvas. After painting awhile for herself she started painting commissioned works.
Working and traveling abroad in Japan, Africa and Panama has been a great inspiration for her works. Being surrounded by nature and oceans has greatly added to memorable experiences.
Sabrina Jeannine is currently working part time as an artist and a physiotherapist in Northern Germany while planning on moving to New Zealand for a year in
October 2022.



Sabrina Jeannine most often uses her hands as a tool, feeling the canvas, wood and colors. She loves to set her mind free without following any strategies when it comes to creating something new. When painting oceans, she follows the way the water would look like when it touches the sand on a beach. Apart from creating oceans in blue, modern abstract paintings have become a new form of colorful expression.