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Rya Seifert is an abstract artist and graphic designer. She mainly uses brushes and spatulas with acrylic on paper. Always in touch with her artistic side, she has always been attracted to abstract and surreal art.

These styles greatly influence her current painting approach and process. Inspired by daily events, thoughts and feelings the main factor is the quest for balance: not all the tensions do have to be relieved, but eventually the mind should find peace in her paintings.



Painting intuitively, Seifert approaches the process of creating as an outlet to express a continuous flow of emotions in chaos. She builds her work in layers, using brush strokes, shapes, colors, and texture to reflect its dynamic and contradictory nature. She sees the destruction and beauty within this state, creating distinct markings that resemble opposing characteristics of instability, disorder, power, creativity, and transformation. Seifert’s exploration of color is a mirror to her approach to painting. Reflecting on her inner emotional state, she utilizes specific colors and tones. Painting is a narrative and meditative process for her, capturing these abstractions in the moment as they constantly evolve within their own boundaries across the paper. She explores ways to move with chaos through structure, finding ways to reform, and rewrite a visual story as it progresses. In her paintings, each marking, stroke, and texture are traces of history; encompassing one moment in time as a whole.