< Ruth Lina



I am an artist, working half the year in Norway. The rest of the year, I work in a beautiful white village near Malaga where I have my atelier. My work consists of different techniques such as acrylic painting, drawing, watercolor, ink and charcoal.

I grew up in northwestern Norway, surrounded by high rising mountains and deep mystical fjords. In this small village, we had a farm housing cows, horses, chickens and cats.
Growing up, we were close to nature all year round. I always loved studying nature and seen what is underneath. Under the trees, under the water, under the ice. Myopic glances of the ever-changing microworld.

For me, the definition of art is a place between reality and fiction. It is a safe space where I am the director of my own universe.



Nydalen School of Art – Oslo, Personal Art Development 2020-2021

Nydalen School of Art – Oslo, Visual Arts Education 2015 – 2017

Participated in courses with experienced artists:

Pia Brix Thomsen (Denmark)

Erika Bergstrøm (Sweden) Experimental painting 2018

Ellen Eikenes (Spain) 2015

Astrid Mørland, Artschool in Åsgårdstrand

Stein Westergård, Trygve Barstad og Ellen Grøstad, Nutheim

Inger Bekkelund

Grete Hald

Ellen Karlowicz

Has been a member of Nøtterøy Culture Forum 2006 – 2016

Juried member NFUK, Norwegian Association of Independent Artists 2020


NFUK Juried Annual Exhibition, Gallery Jessheim 2023

Gallery Casa Arte, Malaga march 2023

Art in open space, Kragerø July 2022

Gallery S9, Oslo may 2022

NFUK juried Annual Exhibition, Vestfossen 2021

Rikshospitalet, Oslo july 2021

Karljohansvern, Horten may 2021

NFUK Juried Autumn Exhibition 2020

Marinegaarden, Horten Autumn/vinter 2020

Cafe-M, Tønsberg solo exhibition spring/summer 2020

Anniversary exhibition Tønsberg/Sem Lions, autumn 2019

Stokke Lions Art Exhibition, autumn 2019

Galleri Molevit Skagen Denmark, solo exhibition summer 2019

Kihle Galleriet Horten, solo exhibition summer 2019

Elva Rundt, Drammen 2017

Nydalen, summer/Christmas exhibition 2016 – 2017

Atelier Skallevold, Tønsberg 2016 – 2018

Stokke Lions, Autumn 2011

Nøtterøy Kunstforum, collective exhibitions 2006-2016


In the artistic process, there are constant surprises when I am exploring. Everything can happen.
In art, I have a diversity of approaches I can choose from.
From the most thorough preparation to the more happy coincidence, as a method. The finished artwork is often a result of both conscious and unconscious choices in a fruitful combination. Using the mind, I make intuitive and immediate experiences.

I just know when something is right.

In the same way, art allows me to reflect on the depths and critically examine the world around me. The encounter with art opens up doors to reality and gives me the keys to unknown spaces, also within myself.