< Ruth Conter
United States



Drawing and painting were always my passion. I started at a young age and my favorite topics were portraits and medieval buildings. Influenced by my father’s profession, I got into the architectural and interior design realm. During my career, I learned not only architectural drawing, color theory, and art history, but also the psychology behind the creative process.
Captivated by the complexity of the human mind, after graduating, I continued my studies in Clinical Psychology. My practice included the use of art as a tool for communication in diagnosis and psychological treatment.
In 2001, I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I spent two years enjoying the artistic traditions surrounding Catalonia and the vibrant architecture of the city, which is considered by many, the capital of art and design of Western Europe.


Following my time in Barcelona, I moved to Boca Raton, Florida. I joined the Boca Raton Museum of Art School where I started my abstract path to free myself of the extremely detailed painting approach I was used to. I also joined the Armory Art Center of Palm Beach, where I was fortunate enough to meet many talented artists that fed my inspiration.
I have presented my pieces in several exhibitions organized by these two institutions and by the Broward Art Guild in Fort Lauderdale.


I developed my style working with textures and fluid paint. I use numerous layers of acrylic containing varying densities. Translucencies, and opacities are created above the texture initially conveyed on the canvas by acrylic mediums.
I find that the contrast accomplished by the sharpness of the underlying surface, combined with the motion reflected by the flow of the fluid paint, give my paintings an interesting balance generating organic structures, which mostly always represent nature.