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In parallel with his studies in illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Robin Fougeront discovered the world of audiovisual.

Upon his return to France, he gives an animated character to his work by exploring the world of video mapping. This technique allows him to share his graphic universe on formats, impossible to achieve in his studio. The illustration allows him to make his scales, to experiment with different painting techniques. The use of oil paint embellished with pigments gives a shine to the colors that the artist does not find in other techniques, it then becomes obvious. It is through landscapes going as far as abstraction that his colorimetric work takes on its full extent.

Robin Fougeront is particularly invested in the life of Art outside his studio, indeed he regularly intervenes with schools and associations in order to democratize the visual arts and culture.


Collective exhibition: Luxembourg contemporary artfair 2022, Galerie Têt’de l’art in Forbach, “Hysterica” MADS Gallery in Milan and Fuerteventura 2021, Innsbruck contemporary artfair 2021, Van gogh gallery in Madrid, FEW parcours d’art contemporain à Wattwiller 2020.

Illustrations edit: “Les racines vagabondes” de Bernadette Hert Brender

Mapping vidéo: Jeanne d’Arc show in Domrémy with Damien Fontaine 2017/2018 Autour du sapin in Colmar 2018/2019

Actor: The role of the captain in “Plus haut” Claudio Capéo’s music video

Musician and singer for the bands Melos des Fous and Mr.Ras.


La peinture prend son ampleur lorsque le sujet devient secondaire