< Robert Frankel
United States




Frankel’s paintings are exhibited nationally and internationally. New York City galleries include Saphira and Ventura Gallery, SITE Gallery, 440 Gallery, Montserrat Gallery, Van Der Plas Gallery, and Greenpoint Gallery. Internationally, Frankel has exhibited in Italy at the Chie Gallery in Milan, and at the Venice Biennale. He has also exhibited at the Manchester International Arts Festival and Galleria Pall Mall in London as well as the National Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

With a background in building construction and design, Frankel integrates his architectural aessthic into his paintings. Frankel has been influenced by Kinetic artists such as Alexander Calder and Isaac Agam.

Frankel often uses bright, bold colors and contrasting textures and patterns in a geometric setting to create energy and motion on the canvas.
His color choices tend to favor bright oranges, reds, and red-violets. These colors give his paintings a happy positive energy. Frankel balances these
hot colors with cool blue, blue green, and blue violet for harmony.

People today fell anxious, unmoored and fearful about the future. Frankel’s work is positive, happy , and harmonious- helping people navigate the uncertainties of today’s world.


Superfine Show
Washington DC November 2023

Solo Show
Saphira and Ventura Gallery
New York City, New York October 2023

Evanston Art Center Biennial
Evanston, Illinois August 2023

“Vivid Colors”
Saphira and Ventura Gallery
New York, New York July 2023

Group Exhibition
Lucid gallery
Miami, Florida June 2023

New York Contemporary
Art Society
New York City, New York Januarys 2023

Miami Beach
Saphira and Ventura Gallery
Miami Beach, Florida December 2022

Venice Biennale
Venice, Italy September 2022

Neocon Chicago
Chicago, Illinois June 2022

Group Show
Laughlin Gallery
Highland Park, Illinois April 2022

World Art Dubai
Dubai UAE March 2022

Palm Beach Show
Palm Beach, Florida February 2022

Group Show
Montserrat Gallery
New York City, New York February 2022

Art & Sustainability
National Museum
Cairo, Egypt January 2022


I am a visual storyteller. My artwork is intuitive and non-conceptual. I try to create energy and motion on the canvas by contrasting bright colors and unusual shapes and patterns with the aim of making an emotional connection with the viewer. Many of my paintings have a dreamy surreal feel to them. My goal is to make the world a happier place one painting at a time.