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A natural-born artist from Dallas, Texas, Rickale West, affectionately known as Roxy, was born with many gifts; music being the first. Her innate love for creating art followed her throughout each stage of life. After graduating from Texas Southern University with a degree in Psychology, Roxy worked in corporate America but felt that something was missing. She began to explore different sides of her creativity and in 2018, embarked on her journey as a self-taught visual artist. Thereafter, “Roxy Wuz Here Artworks” was born.

Often, people have asked her, “What inspires your distinctive art pieces”? Her response is simple–life. Painting from the heart and soul, Roxy creates one-of-a-kind, intention-based pieces, depicting stories from her perspective. Stories of trials, tribulations, victories, and healing are told through her artwork. With hopes of touching and inspiring her viewers, Roxy wants them to know that they are not alone in their life journey.


Group Exhibitions

2022 Art of a Woman Exhibit Elevated Experiences: Houston Tx.

2022 Chocolate and Art Show: Dallas Tx.

2021 Being Bipolar in a Polarized World and the Thin Line: The Art Center Highland Park, Highland Park Il.

2021 Chocolate and Art Show: Houston TX

2021 Art Vendor, Railway Heights: Houston TX.

2021 Abstract Art Show, Prime Art Gallery: Houston TX

2021 Black and White. The Exhibit, Prime Art Gallery: Houston TX.

2021 Deluxe Theater Presents: Freedom of Expression Artisan Market: Houston TX.

2021 Black Art Show, Prime Art Gallery: Houston TX.

2021 Visionary Grinds Black Is Art Show, Hardy and Nance Studios: Houston TX.

2021 Entering Summer Solstice Art Exhibition (Duo Exhibition), Union Gallery: Houston TX.

2021 Elevated Experiences, Mindful Art Exhibit: Share Space, Houston TX.

2021 Edg. Productions Art Festival, Union Gallery: Houston TX.

2021 Family Art Fest, Prime Art Gallery: Houston TX.

2021 VPW Productions: Expressions HTX II: Houston TX.

2021 All Access Art Show, Finn Hall, Houston, TX.

2021 Blue Prolific Art Exhibition(Spring Show), Sawyer Yards Art District: Houston TX.

2021 All Access Art Show, Finn Hall, Houston, TX.

2020 Blue Prolific Art Exhibition (Winter Show), Sawyer Yards Art District, Houston, TX.

2020 All Access Art Show, Finn Hall, Houston, Tx.

2020 Spectacular Black Girl Art Show, Westside Arts Center, Atlanta, GA

Public Installation

Railway Heights: Art Curio (9 piece installation)

BamaTexas Sublimation Studio (3 Piece Installation)

Jewelry Instructors Bead Bar. Houston TX. Donated 2021



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Roxy prefers to work in mixed mediums which include heavily applied acrylics, fluid acrylics, and texture mediums. This, paired with her love of color blocking, has allowed her to create bold pieces that bring her artwork to life. She is widely recognized for her abstract and impressionism paintings. Her favorite piece “I’m Ok” was recently featured in the exhibit “Being Bipolar in a Polarized World and The Thin Line” at The Art Center Highland Park. It is a dedication to the idea that black women are always expected to be strong, despite the many internal and societal battles that they may face.