< Richard Gaylon Kelley


Miami-based photographer Richard Kelley began as a true photojournalist, traveling the Formula 1 circuit of the 1970s-80s, documenting iconic racing drivers’ “decisive moments” on black and white film, with a distinctive Fine Art style appearing more contemporary as the years pass.

Significantly, Richard’s unique visual approach and his evolution into fresh abstract works are tied together with his signature visual stamp; revealing the intense emotional and creative bond between his eye, his camera and each subject’s hidden power.


<p>Education</p> <p>INDIANA UNIVERSITY</p> <p>Bloomington, Indiana</p> <p>Bachelors Degree</p> <p>School of Journalism / Photojournalism Emphasis</p> <p>Exhibitions</p> <p>HONG KONG</p> <p>2013</p> <p>“Waiting…A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane”</p> <p>Two-week premier showing of my never-before-seen F1 documentary images</p> <p>Awards</p> <p>LONDON, UK</p> <p>2019</p> <p>The Telegram’s SHORTLIST of Best Sports Book of the Year.</p> <p>”Waiting”, My photographic / written documentary of my Golden Age FORMULA 1 images, published in 2018</p>


I want my audience to feel they were beside me while I created emotional images just for them. Starting with elements that others pass by, I simplify details to reveal an essential abstract structure, and infuse them with color-soaked drama that communicates fresh interpretations with each viewing.