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Ricardo Tadeu de Mesquita Barros Born in Lourenço Marques on April 2, 1968.
He graduated in Communication Design from IADE Creative University, Lisbon, in 1992. In 1994 he began a 3 years journey in the studio of master João Machado (Porto). As a designer, he developed the materials for expo 98 and worked in partnership with Estar Editora, Antígona, ASA, Prime Book and Kaleidoscope. Later developed inserts and illustrations for the leading newspapers in Portugal, such as “I”, Expresso and the DN Magzine “NS”, where he collaborated with the comedian Tiago Rodrigues.
He opens his studio in 2004 and in 2009 he created an architectural publishing house True Team Publishing and Design. He redesigned Madeira’s “JM” newspaper and currently works as a freelancer for various companies around the world.
As a visual artist he created the concept around N.S.Q.Ri (Nossa Senhora Que Ri), he has been developing others over the years, Art by Design was created in 2004 and exhibited at Voyager 3 – Experimentadesign, where communication concepts such as designer, mix with the visual arts, having been a pioneer in Portugal with exhibitions of digital art and canvas printing.
For NSQRi exhibitions, the works are produced taking into account the themes, environments, tales and fables related to the place where they are exhibited.
The Linguarudos are its “Bside”, more controversial, more immediate, more “graphic”. At the moment it is the LOVING LETTERS that fill your imagination and those around you.
He has exhibited regularly, individually and collectively, since 1989.


<p>2020_Out side Art – Coletivo À’Linha – Redes Sociais<br /> 2020_Paisagens do Agora – Coletivo À’Linha – Taguspark<br /> 2017_ Merc’art Colectiva na LxFactory – Lisboa (coletiva)<br /> 2017_ “NSQRi” Vai ao Bairro ALto – Lisboa<br /> 2016_ “NSQRi” Vai ao Palácio – Évora<br /> 2015_ “NSQRi” dos Prazeres – Prazeres, Madeira<br /> 2015_ “NSQRi” da Linha, Galeria Junta freguesia Cascais Estoril<br /> 2014_ “Linguarudos”, Galeria AMI “O mundo somos nós e as cores que deles fazemos”,<br /> Porto (colectiva)<br /> 2013_ ”Linguarudos” LX Factory, – (coletiva “Animals like us”)<br /> 2013_ ”Linguarudos” Work.Ink, Cidadela Cascais, Novembro –<br /> 2013_ Alter Ego.Art GAllery – CCP (coletiva)<br /> 2013_ AMI Arte Urbana Lisboa – (coletiva)<br /> 2013_ Maria Lucilia Cruz-ACERVO – (coletiva)<br /> 2012_ NEW COMERS _The Bridge Gallery, Lisboa – (coletiva)<br /> 2012_ Maria Lucília Cruz Galeria, Lisboa – (coletiva)<br /> 2011_ Galeria Ap’Arte, Miguel Bombarda, Porto (coletiva)<br /> 2011_ “NSQRi” Biblioteca Câmara Municipal de Alcochete<br /> 2008_ “Shuffle Dreams”. Hotel Praia d’El Rey, Óbidos<br /> EXPOSIÇÕES<br /> 2007_ “Shuffle Dreams”, lojas/atelier na Miguel Bombarda, Porto<br /> 2005_ “Art By Design” Clube de Criativos de Portugal, apresenta no seu 7º festival,<br /> Estufa Fria, Lisboa<br /> 2004_ “Art By Design”, VOYAGER 3 a convite da EXPERIMENTADESIGN e Câmara<br /> Municipal de Albufeira<br /> 2004_ “Art By Design” (impresão digital) “Sonhos na Casa Amarela”, Faro<br /> 2003_ ”Liberdade de expressão”, Lapa Gallery, Lisboa<br /> 2003_ Alcântara Café, Lisboa colectiva<br /> 2003_ “10 Mandamentos”, Alcântara Café, Lisboa<br /> 2001_ “Insert coin for God sake”, Salão de exposições do CEJ<br /> (Centro de Estudos Judiciários)<br /> 1997_ “Porto Feio”, Ribeira, Porto.<br /> 1996_ “Porto Feio”, Centro Cultural de Ermesinde, Ermesinde.<br /> 1995_ “Porto Feio”, Ribeira, Porto.<br /> 1993 “sem titulo II“, O Targus” Bairro Alto, Lisboa<br /> 1992 “sem titulo I“, O Targus” Bairro Alto, Lisboa<br /> 1991_ “6 Escrúpulos”, Galeria Ogiva, Óbidos (coletiva)<br /> 1989_ “1ª Exposição”, Os Notáveis, Carcavelos</p>


life is too simple to take ourselves seriously.