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Rhett was born in 1975, raised in Sydney, grew up always being drawn to creative pursuits, always good at art and music, He had a passion for film and developed a critical eye very early. Rhett was always gifted with his art making, and natural gravitated towards becoming a professional artist. He loved going to art galleries from a young age. Rhett felt very at home in those spaces, comfortable in the presence of the masters in various galleries around Australia, not that it was easy for him as he was ostricised by being different, this he has grown to accept. Painting and drawing is the way for him to integrate his various parts, it grounds him and allows his true self to emerge



Master of Art Therapy 2022
Master of Teaching (USyd) 2001
Grad Dip Ed (Visual Arts) 1998
Bachelor of Art (Visual Arts) 1996


National Emerging Artist (Painting) 2022
Campbelltown Art (Painting) 2022
Dobell (Drawing) 2022
M16 Artspace (Drawing) 2022
Mosman Art (Painting) 2022
Art Express (Mixed Media) 1992

Solo Exhibitions

“Interactive”, Scratch Art Space, Marrickville, 12/10/2022
“What’s He Building in There?” Ellipsis Gallery, Woolloomooloo, 2/11/2022
“Oversharing!”, Saywell Gallery, Marrickville, 9/3/2022

Group Exhibitions

Galeria Azur, Miami, 28/11/22
“Inaugural” Ellipsis Gallery, Wooloomooloo, July-August 2022
YZ Gallery, Penrith, 2015
Nepean Arthouse, 2012


Rhett’s artwork often explores the Jungian concept of a ‘collective unconscious’, and the idea of the ‘active imagination’, in the present day and from generations past. His work is a vehicle that allows us to explore our thoughts, emotions and memories with images that are both distant and somehow familiar. His intention with these works is to create interesting and layered art that remains accessible and relatable. This work focuses on attempting to visually represent the joys and feeling of being immersed in the representational or surreal landscape.