< Jean Davis and Nancy Wu
United States



Nancy Wu has a background in architecture and painting. Jean Davis is an artist and professor of art therapy with a private practice. Both are star-gazers by nature. In less than 2 year’s time of co-founding Resurrect Studio, they landed a solo show in Manhattan’s lower east side, a group show in Chelsea, the Biennial in Costa Rica, and the Biennial in Portugal. They each are married with a family of 3 and call Brooklyn home.


Exhibitions 2021-2023

Van Der Plas Gallery, Solo Exhibition, NYC
First Street Gallery, 9 for 19, NYC
Workhouse Arts Center, VA
Municipal Museum of Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica
D. Diogo de Sousa Archeological Museum, Braga, Portugal
Schweinfurth Art Center, NY
Gallery 118
Art Fluent, Lumiere

Press 2021-2023

Brazilian Olhar Channel, Braga, Portugal;
Journal do Minho-Braga, Portugal, Braga acolhe exposição da 1. Bienal Heclectik Art-Glass;
Catalog of First International Heclectik Art-Glass Biennial, Braga, Portugal;
Artists Talk, Schweinfurth Art Center – Made in New York, Auburn, NY;
Ecopoiesis: Eco-Human Theory and Practice Journal, Interview;
Art Fluent, Lumiere, Curator’s Choice and Interview.


Nancy Wu and Jean Davis of Resurrect Studio upcycle century-old landfill beach glass into an artform they’ve coined 3D Watercolors.

Scavenging for glass depends on the tide and varies like the catch of the day. How does the garbage from one generation become the gemstones of another? By virtue of the fact that we live on a sphere, everything comes back to us, ever mindful of yin and yang. In literary terms, the mention of harmony might alert the subconscious that dissonance is on its way. In oil painting, we set up our darkest darks, and lightest lights to vet the balance. But what can bring relief to sorrow? In the words of Nancy’s grandfather, John C.H. Wu, “The sorrows are there together with the joy; but they only serve to sweeten the joy. For the sorrows are sorrows of the ages; but the joy is the Joy of Eternity!”