< Rani Bruchstein


Fine art artist and photographer, based in Spain.

In the photos, Ran’s Barcelona meets his dreams and life, and the three merge into a new, symbiotic homogeneous entity: the landscape of the mind feeds off the physical landscape and vice versa, to create an emotional experience. In other words, his, “The photos depict the way I feel, and that’s also what I hope to invoke in the spectators – feelings.”


Solo Exhibitions:
2019 – Invisible people- Barcelona
2019— Barcelona Vibes- Barcelona
2022- Invisible people- Museum-Can Negre, casa Jujol, Sant Joan
Despi -Barcelona,
2022- In Side Out – Tel-Aviv
2023- In Side Our – Madrid


I paint with light,
I paint dreams,
The camera serves me as a brush and life as a backdrop.

The dreams are a consequence of my thoughts, feelings and life.
The dreams describe a point in time in my personal life.
From the moment the dream is created, the search begins for the model, the place, the background music, the make-up, the accessories and then I write the story of the creation.
I build a minimal, aesthetic, colorful and lively composition, the purpose of which is to activate an emotion in the observer.
In my works I want to convey the emotion at its peak.
The path a person goes through and his ability to express the emotion hidden inside, without words, in silence or inner shouting.

In studio photos and street photos, I try to capture the emotional expression of the individual
as well as the uniqueness of the one building,
And sometimes you can see where there is no parallel between them.

In an alienated digital world, of screens, images and mechanized characters, I try to grasp and grasp for a moment my emotions and reality, to create real closeness, to touch.