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The artistic skillset runs in my family with my parents being life consultants (in addition to their regular jobs), my closest uncle and aunts being writers and painters, my sibling being a sketch artist and I being an abstract artist. My artistic journey initiated right from childhood, I had a deep sense to learn and foresee to devise exceptional paintings. My father is a space scientist, therefore, since childhood I had a deep inclination towards our galaxy, starts, planets, etc. During my college years, I have been fascinated by the anatomical drawings be it human system or plants. I have been sincerely involved in developing abstract art for the past few years. I design unique and original abstract art using a combination of non-conventional tools. I am a self-learner, self-evolver, my art originates from the things in the nature via observational and perceptive skills. I am a member of Maryland Federation of Arts, USA and Van Gogh Art Gallery, Spain.


2022 International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris (01/28/2022 – 01/30/2022) –

representation of three artworks (Capall Mara, Forbidden Fruit, Kuroi Kemuri)


An expert in designing abstract art pieces using unconventional tools, Passionate about abstractionism