< Rajae Qarrou


Born in Morocco in 1984, Rajae Qarrou is a contemporary self expressionist artist, who lives and operates between Barcelona, Rabat, Paris and Kuwait. She spent her childhood in Morocco and, at the age of 20 years old, she moved to Paris where she graduated in civil engineering at ESTP ( Ecole Speciale des Travaux publics) and in Finance at Dauphine University.

After an event that deeply transformed her perception of life, she decided to leave her corporate carreer in real estate and pursue her authentic self by embracing professionally her love for art.

Since then, she exhibited among other places, in Caroussel du Louvres, Le Grand Palais Ephemere in Paris and the European Museum of Modern art (MEAM) in Barcelona.



Like a magician of oxymorons, Rajae Qarrou weaves the web of reality and abstraction, generating a deep reflection on the complexity of existence.

The artist explores the duality between a punctual melancholy and a bigger picture of happiness in her artworks. Rajae´s universe is a stage where opposites coexist in harmony. Her cultural influences converge in a visual narrative that embodies the “art of the oxymoron.”

The characters in her paintings, charming and shrouded in mystery, personify the concept of resilience. The melancholic gaze of these women tells us about stories lost in time, awakens deep emotions, and immerses us in an introspective journey; while each posture or gesture becomes a musical note, a secret score that only the sensitive eye can decipher. Each brushstroke is a visual poem that tells a story which goes beyond words. The story of how even through hardships, there is always hope.