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Rajae Qarrou (born in Morocco in 1984) is a civil engineer and a contemporary self-expressionist artist, who lives and operates between Barcelona, Rabat, Paris and Kuwait. She spent her childhood in Morocco and, at the age of 20 years old, she moved to Paris where she graduated in engineering at ESTP, Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics and in Finance at Dauphine University.

She worked as an engineer in the construction sites, and then she became a luxury real estate developer. After the loss of her father, which deeply signed her life, she attended Barcelona Atelier of Art and Barcelona Academy of Art.



April 2021: Mon Amour Pour Toi, with Divulgarti group, at Palazzo Saluzzo, Genova, Italy

March 2021: Talk With Me, with Divulgarti group, at Palazzo Duccale, Genova, Italy

November 2020: Reconditis Oedipus, with MADS MILANO, Milano, Italy

Art Education

Barcelona Academy of Art, Barcelona Atelier of Art


Selection for the “Premio Vittorio Sgarbi” 2021


The artist demonstrates a versatile style where sophistication meets simplicity in a conjunction of colors. Rajae’s approach to art can be deemed as expressionist: starting from emotions, she develops a language that is able to take different directions depicting the feelings of the moment, creating a mix between figurative and abstract.The artworks are a mixture between simplicity and sophistication, terms that reflect her multifaced personality itself. The artist calls the viewers to adopt the emotional glance of their own inner children, which scratches the surface of what we can see and goes in dept on what we can feel.