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Chen I-Chun was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992. Since childhood, she has had a wide range of interests. She often thought about what she wanted to do when she grew up, but she never had an answer, because the answer was always changing. She once made up her mind to be an artist but felt lost. After several explorations, she established her goal, realised that what she loves the most is still wandering among art, and then continued to create.

In primary school, she entered art class and learned various painting skills and calligraphy. Although she also studied in art class in junior high school, she began to feel tired of the still-life paintings. She started to learn oil painting in senior high school and did a lot of creation and research that she had never done before. She studied Italian and German in university and gained a lot of knowledge of language and culture. In the postgraduate period, she turned to archaeology to learn research methods and study humanity and history. These processes have established the cultivation of art and created the foundation for creation.


2010 National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance, Head Office “Oh! Raffaella!” Chen I-Chun Solo Oil Painting Exhibition
2011 Huashan 1914 Creative Park, “Meet.The Art of Hope” Hope of Art Studio, Group Exhibition
2016 Taipei World Trade Center “Art Expo Taiwan” Group Exhibition
2020 Yushan National Park Shueili Visitor Center, “National Treasure‧Yushan Myth: Spirit of Yushan, Feeling of Taiwan” Lin Shih-Hsiung Special Oil Painting Exhibition, Chen I-Chun Series Exhibition
2020 In Between Gallery, “Cio-Cio and Pea-Pea’s Dream” Chen I-Chun Solo Oil Painting Exhibition
2022 HO THSU Have a nice day “The Dogs Which Stay with Us Quietly” Chen I-Chun Solo Oil Painting Exhibition
2022 Santana Gallery, “Alba” Group Exhibition
2023 M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, “DE-CRYPTICart” Group Exhibition
2023 Medina Gallery, “Aurora” Group Exhibition
2023 Art Fairs and Venues of World Of Crete, Magazine
2023 Art Fairs and Venues of World Of Crete, “Investment Event” Group Exhibition


Art to me is a process of exploration and thinking. In this process, I can explore the changes in colour and shape, and think about the distance between dream and reality.

Through the performance of colours at different times and the rhythm of shapes in different spaces, I observe what feelings they give to people in the paintings.

Dreams can express reality in a certain distant time and space. Through the transformation of dreams, the former reality becomes another kind of reality.