< Quinn Michael Saine
United States




Quinn’s passion for the California Coast is the overwhelming theme throughout his work. His photographic process varies from long exposures, astrophotography, landscapes and ocean abstractions utilizing intentional camera movement. Whether the photograph provides immense detail, a simple aesthetic, bold or muted colors, Quinn’s art embodies the calming flow of the Pacific.

Saine has been drawn to the sea ever since falling in love with the endless beauty of California’s Highway 1. After logging thousands of miles traveling the coast, he still finds that the sacrifice of battling long hours and often uncooperative weather in hopes of capturing that fleeting moment at sunrise and sunset is always worthwhile. Not every venture to the coast results in a successful shoot, such as the nature of his craft, but every trip is unique, just like every piece he produces. His work originates in Jenner, Bodega Head, Point Reyes, and Dillon Beach.

The energy of the Pacific flows through his pieces, like the rhythm of the waves crashing along the coastline. His artistic vision derives from a constant curiosity of what the next sunset will bring and how best to create a timeless image from the scene. With his work, Quinn intends to provide a visceral response of tranquility and contemplation.


2022 Through The Lens, Marin Society of Artists, Marin, California

2022 Mustard Celebration, Jessell Gallery, Napa, California

2021 The Silverado Art Show, Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa, California

2021 Flow, The Yountville Gallery, Yountville, California


Photographs serve as a powerful medium to convey life’s most meaningful experiences.

I am consistently inspired and excited by the process of reimagining landscapes and waterscapes through intentional camera movement and long exposures.