< Purificación Fernández Grande


I was born in Galicia in 1971, but I grew up in the Basque Country (Spain). I graduated in Hispanic Philology at the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and I also finished a master’s degree in Editing and Publishing Texts. Writing and painting have been two parallel worlds in my life. Until recently, I have given priority to literary language, transmitting to my students the love for the written word and especially for poetry and theatre. But the need to address pictorial communication has always remained in my head and in my heart. That is why some time ago I decided to listen to my inner voice and channel this need that we all have for expression and communion with the essence of the artistic through painting. For this, I have been incorporating into my reflections all the baggage of reading, study and enjoyment of art, in all its variants, at the same time that I focused on training my gaze and outlining the search for a personal pictorial language.



I approach the world of painting with the humility of someone who immerses herself in a new language, in the code of painting in all its possibilities, trying to find a bridge to cross the abyss that sometimes exists between words and their meaning. I like to capture the fleeting moment of artistic revelation without distracting artifice. I always look for the simplicity of the support and the economy of materials: found papers, collage elements and other insignificant scraps. In some works the colour can accumulate gradually or suddenly, imperfectly; with unfinished or blurred areas. I seek to convey, above all, the simplicity of the feelings that are born from human fragility, enhancing its universal essence.