< Pipi Pírez


Born in Madrid on December 18, 1997, she has raised there, in the center of the city.
She has always shown a creative interest and quality and since she was very young she started experiment her practice in the visual and musical artistic field.

After finishing her compulsory studies she began a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid where, today, she combines academic life with participation in research projects and personal artistic production.


<p>F O R M A C I Ó N</p> <p>— 2015/presente Grado en Bellas Artes UCM</p> <p>— 2015/20 CMU Isabel de España</p> <p>E X P E R I E N C I A</p> <p>—Febrero 2022: Exposición colectiva Pieles. El Desnudo. Galería Sara Caso.</p> <p>—Octubre 2021: 25. Art Innsbruck. International Fair for Art and Culture. Van Gogh Art Gallery</p> <p>—12/03/21: Exposición de Arte Joven. The Ebru (@the__ebru)</p> <p>—Abril 2021: Sin perfil. El libro como experiencia diversa. Proyecto Aprendizaje Servicio UCM. Convocatoria 20/21</p> <p>—Diciembre 2020: Jornada de performance “PERFORM ART: El cuerpo en tiempo de COVID”.</p> <p>—2020-presente: Obra artística por encargo</p> <p>—2015-20: Documentalista gráfica, CMU Isabel de España</p> <p>—2012: Cartel Tío Luis, “El de la Juliana”, CMU Isabel de España</p>


One chair, I sit down. I watch.Another chair, someone sits down too.A bond appears: relationships.The word, the conversationaround something, a table.The table as a meeting point.Little by little the bondbecomes physical.We touch each oder: the body.