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Pien is a cheerful and outgoing artist. She just needs to make art to maintain her positivity. This is reflected in her colorful and uplifting work. The energetic colors dance on the canvas and represent all the love the artist feels for life. Based in Amersfoort, Netherlands, Pien is a self-taught artist who dedicated her time to her art after working for over 25 years as a nuclear medicine physician. The wonder about nature and man is a never-ending source of inspiration.


Winner of the Audience Award 2022 EuropArtFair Amsterdam

Publication in Jaarboek kunstenaars (Yearbook Artists), stichting kunstweek 2022

Nomination in the Art Edit, House and Garden UK april 2022

Radio and Television Utrecht Interview at my studio 2021


  • Annual solo exhibition in Gallery de Boshaas Leusden
  • La Perdrera Barcelona M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milano 2022
  • Reversals Galeria Azur Berlin 2022
  • EuropArtFair Amsterdam 2022
  • Little Treasures Trevisan International Art Gallery Bologna 2022
  • New Freedom Think International Art Exhibition M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milano & Islas Canarias 2022
  • First Art Fair Amsterdam 2022
  • EuropArtFair Amsterdam 2021
  • Painting of the Year 2021
  • Frame.De.Galerie Amersfoort 2020
  • Painting of the year 2020
  • Frame.De.Gallery Amersfoort 2019
  • PopUp Museum Smaak Amersfoort 2018
  • Gallery de Lage Flank Naarden 2012

Education: during the years art classes and workshops via various Art Institutes and artists.


“The love for the beauty of life is the main driving force for painting. In addition, the wonder of life. The quiet of the studio during the creative process gives a pleasant slowness to the already too fast existence.” From head to heart, Pien de Haas.