< Pia Boe


I am 48 years old, and are currently living in Hadsten, Denmark.

I have completed a base course of visual art from a Danish art school. Later I have educated myself as a visual merchandiser.

Now I am working as a fulltime visual artist and are currently making artistic pieces for both private homes and companies.

I am in general much inspired by color composition, and are always aiming to create harmony between colors, while keeping the contrast, to create a tension between the colors and so making the painting alive. The best thing when painting, is when I accomplish a composition of colors that create a sharp contrast yet leaving a mild expression. I rarely give my paintings titles, because I want my painting to appeal to my audience’s imagination.

I am driven by a constant curiosity to learn different techniques which gives a thrilling expression to each painting and when I discover a new technique or expression, I pursue it. Therefore, my painting will always be forever changing.



  • HK`s Art Foundation, Aarhus
  • Danbolig, Aarhus
  • Art Nordic, Copenhagen
  • Art Foundation Limfjordens censored exhibition, Struer
  • Creative Mind, Copenhagen
  • Galleri Molevit, Skagen.