< Petra Schonova


I am London based British emerging artist, born at Slovak Republic. From childhood I was very curious about my surrounding and had lots of imagination to make new things. This curiosity grown into interest to study marketing and advertising where I learnt a graphic design. At 23, I had my own advertising agency in Slovakia, where I gained lots of life skills and experiences, which I often using in my current work and collections. In 2005 I decided to move to London and embrace my creativity and artistic path. To pursue my dream, I enrol to The Open University to study Design Innovation combined with Art history. Through studies I gain profound knowledge of the classical and traditional art and design principles, which reflects in my work. Also, this helped me to transition and explore traditional artistic techniques, medium and enabled me to combine them with the digital art to create new unique pieces.

My biggest inspiration is my surroundings, people, life events, nature, music or random objects, which I quite often find remarkably interesting. In my latest collection called `Totally Crazy Abstract` I explored different techniques, how to work with paper as medium, implementing diverse types of paints and mix all mediums together, to create sense of movement, emotions, gratitude, and the happiness, which we can feel and to give others. This collection is celebration of life, happiness, laugh and all the positivity in the world, which is stronger than the heart darkness.