< Peter Nižňanský
Czech Republic



Peter Niznansky´s (born in 1956) education as a sculptor took place in Bratislava (Technical college for creative trade) from 1971 to 1975; later, from 1978 to 1984, he studied in Prague (Academy of fine arts AVU, with professor Jiri Bradacek). After graduating from the Academy, he settled down in Prague permanently. Here, his monumental an simultaneously intimate oeuvre of sculptures, reliefs and medals got the chance to grow, emerge and mature in quality. At first, his preferred material was wood, stone and cement. Later and even nowadays, he created masterfully modelled and brilliantly realised sculptures out of bronze and tin.
Peter Niznansky´s sculptural oeuvre permanently and fundamentally embedded in the topic “the human being”. Since his studies at the AVU, he has created sculptures dealing with this subject. You might relate Peter Niznanský´s young oeuvre in parts to the works of his professor, Bradácek. In a greater context, there are connections to the heritage of Auguste Rodin, which influenced all of the Czech sculptural modernity with regard to its certain feeling for the sculptoral shape and size as well as the expressive modeling of the sculptures´ surface. Two of Peter Niznanský´s more recent sculptures are Vesmír I. (“Outer Space I.”, 2011) and II. (2013), made of bronze, with their archetypal infinity, their emptiness and fulness. The almost blessing Fénix (“Phoenix”, 2012) is suggestive in his surreal resurrection and his flight. This is a surprise and a new challenge among the latest ones. Kafka (2013), “on his own in himself”, is unique (even compared to the Czech sculpture of the present) in respect of matter, stylization and composition. In the sculpture, the message, the imagery, the spirit as well as in the philosophy and in the lasting, still disturbing legacy of the great Franz and Josef K. The sculptures don´t just magically attract the beholder. In a complex, simple, truthful way, they are…