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Pedro Pablo Hoz Domínguez is a 22 year old Spanish artist currently living and working in his native city, Malaga. From an early age, Pedro was recognized as a scattered child with a lot of imagination. His mother always talks about the biggest problem with his teachers being that his study notebooks were always full of scribbles and his hands were always full of ink. Coming from a family with traditional customs, Pedro always knew that he would want to write his story and follow his own path, from a very young age he would run away from home to graffiti the streets and spend the nights wandering around his town, freedom has always been his philosophy and the value that would govern his path. Since he was 15 years old when he left his home, Pedro has had a thousand jobs and has lived in different places such as Bilbao, California, and Seoul. His influences can rotate from modern artist such as Kaws or George Condo, to artist such as Picasso, Kandinsky or Willem da Kooning.



University degree: LEINN (4-year university degree in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation).

Art Exhibitions:

62. Delirio: Exhibition in Seoul Tower, South Korea.
Creaciones de un comienzo: Exhibition in “Espacio 600”, Bilbao.
La caja: Exhibition in Sutan, Bilbao.
La anatomía del subconsciente: Exhibition in “Centro cultural finca el portón”, Málaga.

Crisis de identidad: Exhibition in “el faro”, CastroUrdiales.
La Femme: Exhibition in Kara’s Gallery, South Korea.
Nude Tour Marbella: Exhibition in “Las Bobedas”, Marbella, in collaboration with Nude Project.


Collab with Cafés Baqué.
Collab with Vogue Spain and Vogue Korea.
Collab with Nude Project.


2nd place in “Concurso de pintura rápida” in Alhaurín De la Torre 2021.
1st place in “Concurso de pintura rápida” in Alhaurín De la Torre 2022.


My work deals with the expansion of the figures and the exploration of my subconscious and the connections between points. My process starts with a single point from which I develop a series of human like monsters and geometric constructions born from my subconscious that end up forming part of large khaotic scenes. Art is the most accurate response and way to channel my persona, it has become the tool used to explore my thoughts and it is constantly evolving and rotating.