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Paulina Sanchez is a Mexican-American artist who was born in Long beach, California. Paulina is a self taught artist who began to experiment with her medium within recent years. Prior to pursuing a career in abstract art she worked within Corporate America. While working in the corporate field she found herself feeling unsatisfied. Paulina decided to leave her corporate career behind to embark on a new journey, the pursuit of passion. She discovered her new found purpose in creating abstract art.

Paulina’s artwork harnesses the inspiration found in life experiences to explore the depth of the human condition. She translates these themes into visual pieces that represent the struggles and triumphs of an individuals life. Although life can be challenging, Paulina hopes to bring light to the darkness. Paulina’s central medium is acrylic on canvas. She has also explored various materials and techniques that have allowed her to produce truly unique works of art.



Hellada Gallery
Long Beach, CA
March 24-31, 2021

Gallery Western
Los Angeles, CA
October 14-21, 2021

Agora Gallery
New York, NY
July 29- August 18, 2022


My artistic work is a reflection of various influential periods in my life. Expressionism is the outlet in which I translate the thoughts and emotions that have greatly inspired me.

The core themes of my work are encapsulated in the lessons that I have learned throughout my life.

My creations are not just a part of me, they are an extension of myself.

Not only does my art provide a therapeutic outlet, but it also provides a deep sense of fulfillment. It’s gratifying to witness others connect and resonate with my work.