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Paula de Motta’s artwork is for her a way to express feelings, words or complaints that have not found another way out or that have not been heard. Most of her art is inspired by nature and in line with her values in sustainability. With her Ocean collection she tries to bring the ocean closer to her and to the viewer, trying to transmit the peace and serenity she finds in it. Paula is a nature-lover, her Earth collection uses colours and shapes present in nature in an abstract way. Her latest collection, RE (reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink), has an unfinished touch and includes materials that have already lived a first life, giving them a chance to live a second life and become a piece of art. Paula was born in Valencia, by the Mediterranean Sea, a place that she holds in her heart. She started painting at the age of 10 with oil. Before starting her studies, she stopped painting for a while and started again with acrylic paint and investigating many textures 8 years ago. However, only recently she decided to go online, exhibit, and sell her paintings. Since then, Paula has done several exhibitions in Seoul, South Korea, where she currently resides. Paula has worked with different clients and done several international collaborations, including one with the Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Energy and Mobility of the Italian National Research Council, who used one of her paintings as their logo. Paula has a Masters in Civil engineering from the Polyethnic University of Valencia and an MBA from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul; she previously worked in different roles as an engineer and manager in Spain, Italy, UK and South Korea. She now combines her passion painting and creating with her job and family. Her oldest son, Marco, is her biggest supporter in this path.



“Artist and engineer, two completely different professions and, at the same time, so complementary. I use art as a way to express my feelings, put aside standards and rules and let my heart take the lead. I started painting at the age of 10 and painting has remained my passion throughout all my life. In the last years, I started exploring different textures and techniques while using acrylic paint. I use mixed technique that requires many layers. I strongly believe that colours can strongly influence emotions and I like to play with that to transmit certain feelings. I am originally from Valencia, a city in Spain by the Mediterranean Sea, probably where my love for the sea comes from. I currently live in Seoul, South Korea, where I have done several individual exhibitions. My time here has been a time of change and adaptation, to a new culture, a new lifestyle and therefore, a time of personal growth too.” Paula de Motta