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Paul Anton (1987) gets graduated from his Master’s in Architecture in the University of Navarra in 2013. He travelled to London to work for Norman Foster Architecture and Design firm. In 2018 graduated from his MFA in fine art in the University of the Arts London (UAL) in the Wimbledon College of Arts. He developed his artistic practice around space, matter and form. He has been a nominee on the Clifford Chance Sculpture Award 2018. He moved to Madrid, Spain in 2018 to open his own art studio together with his partner Bea Aiguabella. He has exhibited in London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Navarra (Spain) and Palm Dessert (CA, USA).



  • Freshmen year of Civil Engineering’s Bachelor, Concordia University, Canada 2005-2006
  • Bachelor in Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Navarra, Spain. 2006-2010
  • MA Masters in Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Navarra, Spain 2010-2013
  • MFA Masters in Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL, University of the Arts London, U.K. 2016-2018

Shows and Awards

  • Ambientometrías | Solo Show, Vangar Gallery, Valencia, December 2020 ​
  • Huir transformándose | BP Gallery, Madrid, July 2019 ​
  • Esperas, Omms y Fukeis | BP Gallery, Madrid, June 2019 ​
  • Espaceografía – Anton – Aiguabella | Vangar Gallery, Valencia, April 2019
  • Opening Show | 1D3byNomos Gallery, San Diego, March 2019
  • Colectiva Inaugural | Vangar Gallery, Valencia, December 2018
  • 7 Escuchas | BP Gallery, Madrid, October 2018
  • Pecha Kucha – Spaceography | Colegio de Arquitectos Vasco Navarro, Pamplona, October 2018
  • Clifford Chance Sculpture Award Nominee | Clifford Chance Reception at Canary Wharf building, London, July 2018 ​
  • MFA Degree Show | UAL, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, June 2018 ​
  • One that holds everything | The Crypt Gallery, London, November 2017 ​
  • Life in a shoe box | Back Room Gallery, London, April 2017 ​
  • 17 sqm – Space 272 | UAL High Holborn, London, October 2016
  • With (Out) – Pink privacy violation | Something Human, London, December 2012


My practice thrives upon the production of sensory reactions, such as the concepts of silence, serenity, contemplation, observation, delight, inhabitation and disconnection from an addictive digital world, to live and experience the wonderful, physical and material rich world.

Based on strong constructivist geometry from the 20th century and heavy influence from my training as an architect, I produce paintings, drawings, models, collages, sculptures and installations with an aesthetic of the ethereal semiotic. I assemble materials by testing paintings, objects, structures and their settings until the elements connect to their surrounding spaces to create a dialogue between each other. I intend, as Jorge Oteiza used to say, to activate the objects in my work. I use different materials to achieve this activation: paper, plaster, acrylic, metal, paint.

I aim to provoke the emotions Father Feijoo once contemplated: “…Such things have a certain secret, they please us, enchant us, they bewitch us and it is not necessary to ask for a clearer revelation of their natural mystery”.

These poetic assemblages try to generate a mindful sense of presence within a space: an experience arrived at through the composition and presence of materials, the handling of proportions and the effect of light, a quiet interplay of atmosphere and potentiality.

I intend to incite a sensorial trip with elements placed together and interlocked in space to achieve a spatial experience. These elements enforce mindfulness through the act of observation, to be patient, to accept, to inhabit the space physically and mentally, to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the static and timelessness of the work.