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 Patricia Indij Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1961. Since a child she was interested in drawing, painting and design by playing creatively with her toys. Manual and mechanical activities were usual in her family. During her adolescence, she studied piano with excellent teachers who contributed knowledge and a deep sensibility. She completed a degree in Architecture at UBA and she engaged in her profession through several years. In parallel, she started taking painting lessons with Great Masters, which carried her to find her true passion for painting and fully dedicate herself to Art and acquiring knowledge in Art Theory and Curatorial. Currently she works in her atelier located in CABA, where she creates her artistic productions, arranges her exhibitions and teaches painting lessons.

Starting a new art work is an adventure for me, a leap of faith, an inner search. With this attitude, I work in the origin and development of the work that arises through an intuitive process. This experience pushes me to create, modify and connect plastic elements until finding a new expressive way which identifies me and, sometimes, surprises me.