< Patricia Castillo Bellido
United States



Born in Managua, Nicaragua. Raised in Nicaragua and Washington D.C.

BS in Psychology from Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

History of Art, Columbia University Reid Hall Program in Paris, France

School of Fine Arts in Managua, Nicaragua



July 2022. – INART Guatemala

November 2021 – Feria de Artes Visuales Nicaraguenses.

Centro de Arte Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian

August 2020 – Corriere dell’arte Magazine. Lights for the Future. Digital Exposition

November 2019 – Cultivating a Better Tomorrow Gala Silent Auction Catalog from Seeds for Progress, New York

July 2018 Saloarte la Fábrica, Salobreña, Andalucía, Spain

March 2018 – ArtBox Project New York

March 2018 – Galería Zero, The Taste of Art, GZ New York

February 2018 – Embracing Raval, Galería Zero. L’atelier de Pilar Güell, Barcelona, Spain

December 2018 – Red Dot Art Fair, Miami. Represented by Jorge Jurado Art Studio, Bogotá, Colombia

December 2017 – Empowerart, Inés Pacheco Jimenez Gallery, Country Club, San Jose, Costa Rica

2016 Frameart Gallery, Miami, Florida


I am a self taught abstract artist.

My inspiration comes from anything and everthing I see and feel. I wish to share what is inspiring and beautiful to my soul with the intention of telling stories that evolve into expressions of freedom and audacity

In the process of creation, colors juxtapose creating a transluscent synergy of layers , lights and forms allowing the composition to perform its magic.

My art evolves and transforms itself. Silence, Meditation and stillness show themselves through my creative mind searching for what is true and fulfilling, touching the invisible where I find harmony