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As a woman who had to grow up in a very patriarchal environment in a migrant family from Kazakhstan, I experienced strong role-based expectations. Very early, I refused to end as a Christian fundamentalist housewife and be condemned to eternal care work. I know that far too many people still suffer from gender-specific, purely socially constructed rules and discrimination in both psychological and physical ways. Among other things, I am therefore interested in different directions, both artistically and sociopolitical. After moving twice in my childhood, I moved to Cologne for my social science studies. For a change of scenery and an environment in which I can devote myself more intensively to art, I moved to Leipzig in 2021.


• 5th edition “art3f” – International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg 2022 with Capital Culture House Madrid September 2022

• International exhibition “Untold Stories”, TAPROPANE, Rome September 2022

• Group exhibition “Five artists – Five Works”, Caracan, Leipzig August 2022

• International exhibition “Orizzonti Trasversali“, M.A.D S. ART GALLERY, Mailand & Fuerteventura July – August 2022

• International virtual exhibition “Our Reflection” published by “The Huts Magazine” June – July 2022

• International exhibition “Time condensate”, Sala d‘exposicions Junta Valencia with Artfuze London April – May 2022

• Participation Biennale Artbox Expo 2022 with ARTBOX.PROJECT Venezia 1.0

• International exhibition „F**KU“, M.A.D S. ART GALLERY, Mailand & Fuerteventura February – March 2022

• International exhibition “INCANDESCENT“, Eka & Moor Gallery with Capital Culture House Madrid January – February 2022

• Solo-exhibition during the series of events “Treibsand” in Beate Uwe, Berlin August, November 2021 & March 2022

• Solo-exhibition “Kasino trifft Freiheit”, Niehler Freiheit, Cologne November 2021

• Publication in „Art Anthology Nr.3“ – Guto Ajayu Culture, Madrid October 2021

• Solo-exhibition “palinakasino&vino”, Gleiserei, Leipzig August 2021

• Publication in “Goddesartmag” September 2021


My work is a combination of organic patterns and forms in a mystic and bizarre atmosphere. Black is usually the ground color in my analog collages for a visual depth and strong contrasts. For reasons of sustainability, I use second hand material as much as possible. In many of my works, I include illustrations from discarded nature and science magazines. Nature and its evolution of infinite types of life and phenomena are a major source of inspiration. The same applies to fashion and always new areas, to which I dedicate my curious enthusiasm. My analog and digital work are often merged and there may be multiple runs as I often cut up and reassemble collages. I find working with paint most exciting when I apply it with a roller, and thus create a mixture of construction and coincidence. Also I like to add all kinds of things such as glass, textiles or other materials, which I find on the street, for example. When working artistically, I try to follow as few rules as possible to be able to work as intuitively and unbiased as possible. Art begins to be interesting for me, especially when absurdities are given beauty. In my opinion, there’s no sense in reducing oneself to a certain style, because for me being an artist is a constant process of change.

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