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Oranous Afshariyan is a contemporary artist whose works are deeply influenced by the media and the constant influx of news in our daily lives. Born with a passion for art, She has dedicated herself to creating thought-provoking pieces that reflect the impact of the explosion of news on society.

Through the mixed media techniques, real newspapers, letters, and even images found on street walls find their way into her artwork and serves as a reflection of the overwhelming presence of news in our lives.

She combines different elements to convey the interconnectedness between media, society, and individual experiences. Her paintings evoke a sense of urgency, urging viewers to reflect on the influence of the media on their perception of reality.

Through her work, Oranous Afshariyan invites viewers to question the authenticity of the information they consume and the impact it has on their daily lives.


2022, In search of dream, Solo exhibition, Painting and Installation, E1 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016, Group painting exhibition,
Survey show, Heroes, Aliha Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, Group painting exhibition, Domination, Artem Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2017, Group painting exhibition, Nish Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2017, Group painting exhibition, Nostalgia, Persian Gulf Museum, Kish Island, Iran
2017, Charity group painting exhibition, We are not alone, Art Surface, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, Group painting exhibition, War and Peace, Adra Museum and Exhibition Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan
2018, Group painting exhibition, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, Group painting exhibition, Baharestan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, Escape, Group Exhibition, Shalman Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, Contemporary Human, Group exhibition, Negar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, Contemporary Human, Group exhibition, Idea Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, The whisper of colors, Group exhibition, Atashzad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, Art in quarantine, Group exhibition, E1 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, Discrimination, Group Exhibition, Shangarf Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021, Istanbul art fair, Istanbul, Turkey
2021, Now, Group exhibition, E1 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2023, Group exhibition, Culture Lab Lic, New York, USA


“I make news, therefore I am.

In the era of media proliferation, unlike in the past, the media is no longer merely a tool of powerful systems. Anyone can reach thousands of viewers with just an Instagram or Twitter account, while even the most prominent newspaper in Iran doesn’t boast more than 50,000 readers.
This phenomenon has led to a desensitization caused by the media explosion. Tragic events such as deaths and wars have become mundane, routine news. Every message, no matter how significant, is swiftly replaced by the next.
In contrast to the past, where individuals with political influence could manipulate news and information, today this control is within everyone’s reach. This threat is as significant as the risk of government-induced thought control.
In the age of media explosion, we are witnessing the erosion of truth’s authenticity, as the accuracy of news becomes increasingly elusive. We have come to accept that authenticity is immeasurable, and thus, it is preferable for us not to pursue verification.”