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I have worked using my hands for decades, since my previous life period was a career as an orthopaedic surgeon. Therefore visual art appeared so attracting to me. I started my artistic efforts by classical sculpture in 1988. For the last 25 years I have been practicing painting, the last ten years full-time. I started by realistic and naive styles, thereafter I had my impressionistic and expressionistic periods – finally, for the last years I have painted mainly abstract art. I often have some tendency towards geometric forms, i.e. quadrangles, round and curved forms. Simultaneously I seek for balanced placing of objects and colours.
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I am an artist of the last part of life. My art education consists of many separate art courses, art school “Alfa” in Helsinki and hand-on education by some known Finnish artists. During 25 years of my art career I have had 23 private and 46 joined exhibitions. Before my full art career I was an orthopaedic surgeon. I was named professor h.c. in 2012. I am a member of the Finnist Society of Visionary Art and Finland´s Artists Society.


Oscar Wilde once stated: “The artist is the creator of beautiful things.” I feel that this contains a great wisdom. Of course art has also other goals, except beauty – often the purpose may be awakening people in terms of political ideology, humanity, climate change and horrors of war. But mostly, I think, the main goal should be that when watching art one should feel good and relaxed. Abstract art piece, like Ad Reinhardt said, is “ein Ding an sich”, To me this indicates that an abstract painting is a little independent world, which has no direct contact to reality. At it´s best it contains abstract beaty and wonders, which activate the brain, much like good music.