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Oleg Vecheria (aka Oleg Soul) is an award-winning Russian painter, photographer, and sculptor based in Germany whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Indonesia, Turkey & Italy and will be exhibited in Germany & USA. Through his art, he endeavors to convey how he experiences the universe, as well as the harmony between humanity and nature. Vecheria believes that since we are all unique and part of a vast universe, “we should our dreams come true”. Oleg is a member of International Federation of Artists and created Artist’s Union of Russia. He is a member of Through his art, he endeavors to convey how he experiences the universe, as well as the harmony between humanity and nature. He described himself as a child of five moons was born in 1985 in small city of Novorossiysk on the shore of Black Sea. From 8-13th years old he was in Art school where he started his art and understood what he want to do for all his life. The painting follows him for all his life… after 13th he started to be a different teenager went to boxing class, started spent more times with his friends, met his first love and started to be a “normal” like it was in Russia of those year by all social lifestyle. In 2002 graduated school and in 2002 stated to be a student of Novorossiysk State Marityme Academy, it was crazy young years 🙂 In 2007 he graduated academy and got Master degree of Economics. From 2007-2012 was the worth years of his life without art just earn money and started to loose his life, his reality and his main goal and aim to be free to open himself to be creative to show to the people his real feeling to be part of big universe to be in a moment to be happy to show difference and to be different. From 2012 he wanted to out from his past reality and to back to himself and he did it. In 2012 he moved to Bali Island to started his new life. In Bali he started to drawing and painting again, there he started to feel himself again, there he understood what for him the most important and art shew him. On Bali Island he met his muse, his love, his wife there, they’ve been living there 5 years, during the big journey they lived too on Philippines Island, Shri Lanka, traveled around Asia and explored the world. On Bali he did an art exhibitions and started his international career as an artist. From 2012 till now he is traveling with his wife and 2 dogs and cat around the world and make his art. Currently lives in Germany.


2023 – Art Vue Foundation Yearly Prize 2022 – Nominated- Brussels, Belgium
2023 – PREMIO ARTISTA DELL’ANNO 2022 – Nominated- Brussels, Belgium
2022 – Nowadays OPEN CALL for International art group online exhibition – Have been selected as one of the finalist- Florence, Italy
2022 – Award winning and published photographer in nomination “BESTPICTURE Stories change the world” at Created by ARTJOBS at Used by: Stanford University, Disney, Conde Nast, Harvard University, Vanity Fair “Infinity” Underwater photo – Nominated- United States
2021 – First place on art competition “Morocco through the eyes of Russians. Russia through the eyes of Moroccans “in the category” The Wealth of Nature “(category” Drawing “).- First prize- Rabat, Morocco
2020 – Awarded art certificate for outstanding achievement in the Awesome Art Prize Spring Edition Contest 2020 – Nominated- United States

2023 – USA Tour Biennial 23/24 1st Art Catalog “Washington” by Fondazione Effetto Arte, Italy, Palermo
2022 – Bruxelles Art Vue- Art Vue Foundation 2022 Yearly Prize – Painting category catalogue
2022 – ART NOW Magazine promotore di creatività – ART NOW
2022 – Florence Contemporary Gallery, Art catalogue- NOWADAYS

‪Solo Exhibitions‬
2016 – Personal painting exhibition “Goddess of Dreams” by ‘Emotion Art’ Oleg Vecheria / Bali, Indonesia – Canggu, Indonesia
2015 – Personal painting exhibition by ‘Emotion Art’ Oleg Vecheria / Bali, Indonesia – Seminyak, Indonesia

‪Group Exhibitions‬
2024 – “Artexpo New York” Art Tour and Art Biennale “Primo Tour Biennale degli USA” USA TOUR BIENNIAL / New York Art Expo – New York, United States
2024 – “LA Art Show” Art Tour and Art Biennale “Primo Tour Biennale degli USA” USA TOUR BIENNIAL / Los Angeles Art Show – Los Angeles, United States
2024 – Pashmin Art Gallery Group Exhibition / Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg – Hamburg, Germany
2023 – “Spectrum Miami” Art Tour and Art Biennale “Primo Tour Biennale degli USA” USA TOUR BIENNIAL / Spektrum Miami – Miami, United States
2023 – Art Tour and Art Biennale “Primo Tour Biennale degli USA” USA TOUR BIENNIAL / Washington art Biennale Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel – Washington, United States
2023 – PREMIO ARTISTA DELL’ANNO 2022 Video Exhibition / Espace Art Galery – Bruxelles – Brussels, Belgium
2022 – “Nowadays Group Show” / ONLINE – Florence, Italy
2021 – Group Exhibition at “Dobro Art” tattoo studio & Art gallery / Istanbul – Tuzla, Turkey
2016 – Group exhibition, Generation Cube: episode 1 Modern Romantics, art residency of Martin Sitepu / Bali, Indonesia – Canggu, Indonesia
2016 – March Group exhibition, Lintas Generasi, art residency of Martin Sitepu / Bali, Indonesia – Canggu, Indonesia


On my paintings photos and sculptures I want to show to the people how I feel the universe, how the people can communicate with nature, how they may to feel themselves, without racial pressure, without gender separation, show to all real emotion and feel without fears of judging, I don’t want to show the problem, I want that humans start to feel and hear themself. We are all unique we are all part of a huge universe, we are all should to make our dreams to come true.
At the moment, there are a lot of talented and interesting artists, photographers and sculptors in the world, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to reach the masses, start collaborating with galleries and find art curators and agents, despite the fact that most use social networks for this. I want more opportunities for artists to develop and advance. I want art to be recognized now with living artists, since the pricing of famous artists who died is much higher, because we live in the present and should appreciate the contribution of people living now. After all, it is much more pleasant and interesting to talk live with the artist and observe their work and development. I want art to reach an even higher level, because it is for centuries. In Russia there is a popular expression “An artist must be poor in order to create.” Yes, to some extent there should be such moments, because in such moments other emotions and inspiration are born. But let this expression be the smallest particle in a wide variety of positive emotions, happiness, great financial fortune, travel and love.