< Nurdebof


Abstract artist based in Barcelona. She started painting when she was very young invited by his father, that saw the potential and enjoyed painting together. Nurdebof gets always the inspiration from the trip travels she mades. She loves rocks and water, so the islands are the places she likes to explore. She has gone to paint to Menorca, Capri, Lanzarote. We can say that inside the abstract world she tends to the gestual (inspired by the filosophy of De Kooning or Tápies) and she tends to use all kind of materials. Organic and mixing techniques, such as oil and acrylic with pencils and pastels. Her next project is going to paint to Malta.


Studied in EINA, Barcelona, Art and creative illustration.

“En la piel” collaborative exhibition in Barcelona. 2015

“Misonny art festival” Collaborative exhibition in Gava. 2022

FIABCN, international Art Fair in Barcelona in the Maritim museum. “2022

Solo exhibition “LANZAROTE, mirror of an interior trip” 2022, Imagin, Barcelona


In my work I try to express my interior world through the experience to be in a place that blows my mind. I love traveling to places I know that the colors, or the contrasts, the shapes will make me explote my imagination and will make me paint without thinking and expressing from my interior child. I don’t make sketches, I try not to condition my creativity in the place and in the moment. Everything is the moment, the place and the paint going through the canvas on free gestual painting. No conditioning.