< Norbrecht



I was born in Hungary in 1975. I finished my undergraduate studies in 1999 at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary, majoring in painting. A year later, in 2000, I obtained a master’s degree.

Drawing and painting have been part of my everyday life since childhood. I became familiar with various disciplines within fine art, of which painting and sculpture have always been closest to me. In addition to fine art, I work as an interior and graphic designer. I regularly contribute to animated movies and create
visual effects for presentations and trade shows.



I have always been fascinated by the mixed and unexpected results of combining different materials. I explore the combinations of painted surfaces with carved wood and cropped shape paintings with their environment. In my current pieces, I experiment with how using gold as a clean canvas interacts with colors appearing on the surface. My themes always come from experience and a meditative state of mind, even when I only use dynamic strokes as the primary form of the painting, similar to calligraphy. Throughout my artwork, I search for timeless expressions of form and the imprints of human presence on archaic religious culture, music, architecture, folkloric signage, and gestures. I avoid the literal representations of the subject matter by presenting a more curated set of my
impressions. Like the note of complete beauty in an oratorio, I look for an all-encompassing essence, a reduced gesture, a color, or a shape.