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Born in Brussels Belgium in 1992, and now living part-time in the south of France, Passionate about the history of art and architecture, in 2011 she enrolled at La Cambre in architecture and environmental design, where she completed a master’s degree.

Noe has always been fascinated by how architectural scenography can build multiple univers; how the assimilation of all aspects of a project in its entirety, from natural landscape to architecture, light, furniture, sculpture, unique object, are capital, calling global design.
Deeply convinced that in reality one doesn’t exist without the other, without the right light / the right place to exhibit / the subject’s gaze changing perspective, her painting would be intangible.

The painting began in earnest when the global health crisis hit, making immediately the link with the ecological crisis. As a moving painting, we get the impression that the rock is moving, living, progressing, flowing, stiffening, at breakneck speed. There’s a parallel to be drawn, with our declining climate. Breathtakingly visual, at once fascinating and dramatically violent, it leaves us speechless in paradox.

subject matter, forms and drawings – often hidden natural landscapes, solar, lunar, tree, land and sea – reflect the absurdity of social consciousness, aware of the threat all around us.
It’s as if the language needed to translate the ecological crisis is undergoing the same processes of desertification, eutrophication and erosion as the environment itself.

she has found a profound goal that will guide her all her life, always persevering and aiming high, expressing a message and leaving a trace


2011 Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at Ensav La Cambre Brussels Belgium in art history, architecture and environmental design

2013 Certificate in perspective drawing, construction drawing and life models at Ensav La Cambre

2014 Certificate in graphic and visual communication at Ensav La Cambre

2015 Erasmus in Asia, Marmara university, studying the meeting and cohabitation of two cultures in art and architecture, occidental and oriental.

2016 1-year seminar course in art management with Eric Van Essche doctorat at La Cambre

2017 Certificate in marketing and business management. IFPME Wavre belgium

2017 designer product for Sharingbox

2018 Interior designer for Brainjuice Studio, France and Brussels.
– Software skills Autocad, Adobe suite, Sketchup 3D, Enscape 3D

2019 Worked on scenography with famous studio architects Chapman Taylors London on the Milan’s project ‘Milanord2’ A new standard for retail and leisure developments in Italy
2019 Design, 3D, layout plans and innovative experiential paths centered on the user and retail. With french studio Brainjuice
– Projects completed: SCC (shopping center company); Gran Via 2, Barcelona. Milanord 2, Milan. Saint-Genis 2, Lyon. Mercati Generali, Rome. Evry 2, Paris. Invitation to tender: World Expo 2020, Dubai. Conceptual bar Pernod Ricard gare saint Lazare

2019 Worked at LKFF gallery – assistant gallery
Contemporary art gallery representing renowned international artists

2020 Worked at Super Dakota gallery – assistant gallery
Contemporary art gallery representing renowned international artists. – Art Basel Miami booth

2020 joins Youstudio architects studio until today. International team working on European retail projects, scenography and global design.

2021 Art director role at YouStudio

2022 Take up the brush and experiment with paint in its thick, rock-rough form

2023 start a painting business
– The first exhibition will be held at Calamande-en-ville as curator and exhibiting artist among Olivie Strebelle, Marin Strebelle, Benjamin Simons, Louise Michiels.
– Exhibition of personal realizations of light fixtures, chair and wall sculpture.
– The second at Nadine Feront gallery brussels, next door to Xavier Hufkens, where she will occupy every wall as solo show with her asymmetrical, raw-material paintings, accompanied by sculptures by Avandi Studio and furniture by the collector Rénu by Christophe Glorieux.


Acceptance of imperfections, impermanence and incompleteness plays a key role. As we move into the digital age, in contrast, the work emphasizes a great mix of recycled materials. In contrast to the academic’s codes, the aim here is to touch and experience the material directly. We go through all kinds of textures, with very different sensations challenging our eyes and emotions.

Inspired by three major links:

— Bosco Sodi; wabi sabi cult
— Clyfford Still; for his research into the composition of shapes and colors, and the abstraction of a sensitive, even poignant subject.
— Arte Povera movement;
unconventionally engaged scenographic art, supporting the contemporary vision as a mission to transmit a denunciatory message provoking a reaction.creating with simple, often reused materials and a total open-mindedness. Paying attention to the natural world and physical phenomena such as energy, natural growth processes, chemical changes in matter, among others.

Even in the face of impermanence, the human legacy endures, reminding us of the interconnectedness of past, present and future.
So from this principle, whether it’s an environmental, personal-emotional or spiritual crisis, wouldn’t it be a constructive approach to simply consider that we are a whole, that doing one thing in one way actually treats everything in that way. Everything is connected.
Adding one’s stone to the edifice would mean not only taking responsibility for the healthy reconstruction of this world, but also starting by reconstructing oneself, by patiently realizing that every crisis is destined to become, one day, a sign of a new opportunity. Offering new perspectives and new stories.