< Noam Aharon


Born in Israel and studied Industrial Design at California State University Long Beach. After a long career in tech startups in US and Israel, I have turned full-time to creating art. My work has evolved from a life-long love affair with art, building on my experience in industrial design, drawing, and painting.

I intuitively express my emotions through painting. I play with the colors, textures, and physicality of paint layers to achieve energetic, exciting, and captivating paintings.

My inspiration flows from my meditative visions, the grandeur of nature, and the incredible feelings I experience using my imagination to take images from concrete to abstract. I let intuition drive my creativity. My work has evolved from a life-long love affair with the arts, building on my experience in design, illustration, graphics, and painting.


Graduated with honors from California State University Long Beach Department of Art and Design.

Tutelage by John Byle, former head of the Department of Art at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


I paint visceral landscapes in a contemporary style with an abstracted edge. I aim to capture the emotional energy of nature around me, portraying its beauty, serenity, and fragility alongside power, ferocity, and turbulence.The canvas becomes a window into my imagination, my emotions, and I hope to share my vibrant inner world with you.