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Hi, my name is Nitu Pilania Dahiya. Basically, I was born small village
named Waiser located in a significant district of Panipat of Haryana state.
I belong to a traditional joint family in Haryana with an agricultural
I finished my early education in my hometown. But for my Bachelor’s degree
in commerce and for my professional diploma in fashion design, I moved
to New Delhi (The capital of India )
Living in India was like being part of a vibrant, energetic carnival. India is a
bold and unabashed country that offers you fascinating experiences every
day. And eventually, in 2008, I got married to Sumit Dahiya; My husband is
one of my greatest blessings from God. His love is a gift that I open every
day. Now we are blessed parents of two lovely kids.


* Interconnecting lines – International group exhibition, Nov 4th-6th 2022 at the Museum of European Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain.
* Art ShoppingExpo at the Carrousel Du Louvre Oct 21-23, 2022 in Paris, Fance.
* International Art Exhibition in Van Gogh art gallery 1st-30th September in Madrid, Spain.
* International Art Fair 24th-26th June 2022 in Monaco.
* Nfinite Art Show April 29 – May 1 at one art space in New York.
*Black & white to Magnificant color March 13 – April 19 2022 at Watchung Art center in New Jersey.
* Two Artworks selected For Art on Broadway presented by South Amboy Arts Alliance in New Jersey.


As an artist, I am interested in creating art that calls for the audience’s
participation to the same extent as my involvement in it. Each painting is a song
and the lyrics are the acrylics on my canvas. I try to combine the music’s fluidity with the painting’s silence. No matter how life is going for me, creating art is
always one of my more accessible paths to express my emotions and spread
positivity to the people around me.
Indian Mythology predominantly inspires my paintings. Radha Krishna is
the symbol of divine love and the bond of togetherness. Each piece I create extends my past, where I have come from, and what I have learned. I like to
capture beauty by exploring colors, brushstrokes, gold leaf, and texture in my art