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Nestan Mikeladze (b. 1986) is a Georgian-born artist, based in Tbilisi.

Her works are represented on artnet and other art platforms.

She has been interviewed and featured by Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art. Her interview is included in a limited addition museum-quality print art book “A like Artist“ 2022. See full interview on the following link:

Article about her has been published by, local digital magazine covering cultural and social life of Tbilisi. See full article on the following link:

She has received mentorship from Dr. Christianna Bonin, critic at Artforum.


Upcoming exhibitions:
2023, September – El Barrio Art Space (organized by Capital Culture House Spain) – Manhattan, New York (group show)
2023, March-April – Galeria Azur  – Berlin, Germany (group show)
2023, March-April, Van Gogh Art Gallery – Madrid, Spain (group show)
2023, March – Medina Gallery (organized by Capital Culture House Spain) – Rome, Italy (group show)

Past exhibitions:
2023, January-February – Daa Art platform – London, UK (online group show)
2023, January – International Contemporary Art Fair Paris – Paris, France
2022, December – Las Laguna Art Gallery “Outstanding 2022” – Los Angeles, USA (online group show)
2014, March – Tumanishvili Theater “Transformation” – Tbilisi, Georgia (solo exhibition)
2017, June – Fabrika Space “The other self” – Tbilisi, Georgia (group show)

She was finalist for the 2022 Figurative International Juried Art Competition, held by Art Show International Gallery.

She received Honorable Mention Award in art competition “Living Cities”, held by UPWARD Gallery in 2022.

Her works has been featured in several art magazines, such as the Bank of Georgia’s digital magazine, Top Magazine and on Contemporary Art Collectors platform.


Recently I became a feminist.

For me art is the way to forge the path to equality, autonomy, and respect among all genders.

I was born and raised in a patriarchal society. In childhood, I remember experiencing a feeling of unfairness while observing the lives of women around me, especially that of my mom. I was protesting inside and knew that I wanted something different for myself. I felt that something was imbalanced.

Real awareness of the situation started when I found myself in the role of the women from my childhood. It was a role of wife, mother and employee.

The first battle I had to overcome was separating what I considered to be right for me from what others said was right for me. The second battle was with pseudo-equality. It was a situation in which I was required to play all roles rather than sharing responsibilities. The road was difficult, sometimes even pushing me to give up. But just like a cut branch can be planted, grow roots, and become strong, so will you, so will we. We must act. As Gloria Steinem once said, “truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”