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I am a 22 years old abstract painter, drawer, 3D Animation student and a Dancer born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and at this time living in Springfield, Massachusetts. I have been driven by art since I was a little girl, I consider this as a big part of my life.

If I would have to describe art with one word it would be Peace. It is something that have given me peace in a lot of challenges and hard times, from depression to anxiety and insomnia which I went and going through my teenage and adult years. I do not have any specific technique besides Splattered and Dripped to create my paintings or drawings, for most of them I just close my eyes and do what I feel to do at that moment.



My work is my form of communication, my escape and the interpretation of all my hidden emotions. They represent my nights of tranquility, but also my nights of insomnia, fear, anxiety and depression when I just close my eyes and paint what I feel because for me is a way to let my mind flow and express what I feel.I want viewers to see the rollercoaster of emotions that I went through everyday.