< Navinsky


Freedom is really the name of the game in my artwork – experimenting the free association of various techniques, tools and textures. All-over and action painting are spontaneous techniques that help me break free and translate my feelings into painting.
Once my background is ready – with a particular affinity for homemade Bleu Klein and British green, I surrender to creativity. Improvising and letting vibes & pulses pop and drive my frenetic swing to discover unknown territories. Painting with energy and immediacy to unlock unforeseeable and hidden feelings, while always striving to reach the delicate balance between colours, tones, shades and textures. Force and brightness probably best symbolize the essence of my paintings.

The thing I like the most about abstract expressionism is the need to think outside the box and take ownership of the artwork to rebuild one’s own revisited normality.

Pollock is by far my main source of inspiration, being one of the most influential figures in the abstract expressionism.

Still an emerging artist, I am a self-learner – but it´s all about creativity, not seniority!