< Natha Out of the Blue (Nathakorn )




Natha Out of the Blue represents part of her name (Nathakorn) and her spontaneity. Chiangmai, north of Thailand is her origin working studio base. She is a self-taught artist that has been creating her subject matter that blends with her inspiration and design on her canvas with several techniques she inspired.

Painting on canvas, she will be preparing her gouache color from the pigment mixing them with the binders. She uses gouache to have some earth tone that she likes. Acrylic colors still take part and are playful on her canvas. The way “OUT OF THE BLUE” action has inspired her most of the time. It is when she feels drawn to establish the creation with a plentiful amount of energy.


– Amsterdam Whitney Gallery – New york, USA | September 9 – December 9, 2023

Online exhibition;
– “World art guide Book”, Bellamontiart gallery | Book launch June 2023
– “Collector art prize award and interview”, Contemporary art curator magazine, | April 2023
– “Voice of tomorrow Book” , Contemporary art curator magazine, | Book Launch February 2023
– “Digital screen” LA art show and via Artupclose website, Artifact gallery |February 2023
– Artworks on Artsy platform, Art upclose E-gallery | February 2023-2024
– CFA Artist of the year contest
“Artistic Excellence” certificate, Circle Foundation for the Art | February 12 2023

– “Anima Mundi 2022- Vision”, Itsliquid International Art Fair, Venice-Italy | June 16 – July 06, 2022
– “Contemporary night”, World of Crete Gallery, Crete Island- Greece | 1-4 October, 2022

Online Exhibition;
– “Rise” Tapiialvirtual Gallery, Santiago-Chile | November 17 – December 8 2022
– Artworks on Artsy platform, Nyc Artwalk gallery | September 2022-2023
– “The Arbitrary Chemistry – media art and progress”, Virtual Artist Gallery, London | May 29- June 12 2022
– “The Butterfly effect”, Contemporary art curator magazine | February 23- July 23 2022
– “Digital screen exhibition” – Carrousel du Louvre -Art shopping expo, Artio Gallery, Paris | April 8-10, 2022
– “I Revolve around the world” MADS Gallery – Milan | January 28 – February 2, 2022


She states “The ideas of each artwork sometimes are guided through my intuition from the voice within”. She tries to convey the message of the artwork to touch upon the viewers. She hopes that her artwork has spoken to the viewers in a certain way.
Artworks showcased are the combination of the three series:
I : “Human x nature x animal spirit
II: Transformation
III : Free state of mind

Human x nature x animal spirit is her originality. Then she expands the ideas from the first series. Giving some direction toward the feminine side, the flow of the river induces her creative roots. She let them flow into the free state of mind.

The flow of the rivers is running down through her vein continuously. After the “transformation” series, the emptiness in her mind expands; the mist fades away. The sunlight shines bright for her loss of control to collage freely. The subjects she inserts into the painting are aligned closer to the inner character. Her interest in nature is given in with more details. Some new subjects are introduced to balance between the modern and oniric outlook. Part of the shamanic style is still involved in the framework.