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Slenahomi is an abstract artist living in Bordeaux, France.
She was born in New-Caledonia ans grew up in France.
Since the early years Slenahomi was passionate about creating. She started to draw everything she could see around her since she was teenager.

She has been traveling for 10 years all over the world touring from Mexico, New-Zealand, Spain, India, among others. The trips, all the places where she’s been are a strong base of her art. They have allowed her to know heself in depth, turning this introspection into expansive creativity.

As a self-taught ans very intuitive woman, she offers different collections in which she expresses her universe with dynamism ans contrasts of colors where elements of nature ans the richness of various cultures she has met coexist evidencing the base of her inspiration.


Exhibition « Reveries » in Galeria Azur in Madrid, February-March 2023.


Self-taught painter, Slenahomi expresses herself through her colorful and bright paintings. She uses mostly acrylic on linen canvas. Painting is like therapy for her, she creates in a very intuitive way. Her collections reflect her mood, emotion and need in the very present moment of the creation.