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Morten Saether is a freelance photographer and painter. He favours using mixed digital photography techniques to produce his work.

He had his first solo show with paintings when he lived in south of France for one year. His goal was to paint for a year and then have an expo. And he did it! It was called «Rapport Annuel».

“Photography is often the essence of my Art. I also love traditional collages. So often my work consists of different photos put together in layers and presented in a new way, mostly abstract but sometimes with elements you can recognize.”


Alongside his self taught artistic practice, Morten has enjoyed an extensive professional career as an Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Morten’s photography and paintings have been featured in exhibitions in Collioure/France, Barcelona/Spain, Fredrikstad, Horten and Oslo/Norway.

Morten is keen to continue to exhibit his work throughout Europe and is focusing on Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona as his target markets. Morten resides in Oslo, Norway.

JULY 2019 he was invited by a gallery in Barcelona to expo 4 pieces under their ”Summer Group Show”(CrisolArt); 5 different artists.

LATE SUMMER 2019 he was presented on a double page in the first curated Artbook from Capsules Book Portfolio, Australia. (

SEPTEMBER 2019 he had a big expo at Tveten Gård, Oslo: The name of the Expo was: FORM (Change, Reform, Metamorfoses) with over 20 local motives from the farm and the rich nature in the neighbourhood. His biggest Expo ever. Big sales.

NOVEMBER 2021: Presentation in the book ”Nordic Art Guide”.

JUNE 2022: ArtNordic Copenhagen, The Nordic region’s largest Sales and Art Fair.
2020 – 2022 Several presentations at Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland.


Every act of Creation is first of all an act of Destruction.

“I always have my camera with me wherever I go. You never know when you see a motive – it’s always there when you least expect it. I don’t care about f-stops, shutterspeed or exposure. When I look at a subject, I study it like a painter and decide what I want to create. I call it Right Brain Photography.

I like to ruin my image to the degree that you almost don’t see what it is – in the space between abstract and concrete.”

When it comes to my paintings I usually do abstract motives. Here as well I like the rough style with some contrast elements to make it more interesting.
I work in acrylic on canvas but I also do mixed media, like collages on wood with a mix of acrylic paint on glued paper and found objects.